Missippi River Locator map
Mississippi River Regional Planning Commission

1707 Main Street,
Suite 240
La Crosse, WI 54601
Phone:(608) 785-9396
Fax: 608) 785-9394
E-Mail: plan@mrrpc.com

Counties Served:
Buffalo, Crawford, Jackson, La Crosse, Monroe, Pepin, Pierce, Trempealeau, Vernon

Year Created: 1964

Economic Development:
In 1977, the Commission was designated an Economic Development District by the U.S. Department of Commerce-Economic Development Administration (EDA).  Since then the Commission has updated its Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) Report that analyzes the regional economy and proposes a strategy based on strengths and opportunities to improve the economy of the Region.  This report maintains the eligibility for all local governments, economic development organizations, and businesses throughout the Region to apply for public works grants, business loans and research grants from EDA.  Economic development services provided by the Commission as a result of this designation include: revolving loan funds to assist business financing needs, grant writing assistance for industrial parks and business development projects, and flood recovery assistance.  Through maintaining this designation as an Economic Development District millions of Federal EDA funds have been invested in the region.

Community Development:
The Commission's pooled office staff and resources are cost shared and allow the Commission to provide affordable community development services.  Assisting local interests in responding to state and federal programs, providing advisory service on local planning problems, and serving as a coordinating and implementation agency for regional programs and activities are often undertaken.   Some recent examples include: assisting counties with their multi hazard plans to reduce future losses from disasters, developing a regional assessment of assets to help persuade the Pentagon to keep Fort McCoy open, and preparing a competitive regional assessment and strategy that resulted in $5 million in State Technology Zone credits being awarded to help business and industry expand.

Land Use and Environmental Resources:
The Commission is actively involved in land use and environmental resource advisory work.  Community and county comprehensive planning, zoning and subdivision ordinance preparation, Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping, park and recreation planning, urban sewer service area planning, and environmental assessment reports are examples of these services.

The Commission's transportation services include: assisting the Mississippi River Parkway Commission in its planning and promotion activity for the Great River Road; assisting the La Crosse Area Planning Committee in meeting its Federal and State transportation planning requirements; assisting in expanding or establishing new multi-modal transit services; advising local governments on meeting and financing transportation needs of the elderly and handicapped; preparing public Human Service Transportation Plans for all nine counties; coordinating the involvement of Federal and State transportation plans and policies for consideration into local land use plans; providing a roadway management program that enables local governments to systematically prioritize their roadway maintenance needs based on sound evaluation criteria; and assisting in the development of harbor plans and projects for communities along the Mississippi River.

Information and Data Systems:
The Commission's planning activity, coupled with its designation as a State affiliate data center, allows the Commission to maintain a wealth of socioeconomic and geographic data on the Region.  The Commission's computer database and library is available to local governments, businesses, churches, hospitals, students, utility companies, civic groups, and development organizations.

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  • Staff
2014 Budget:
$443,374 (13% Federal, 36% State, 30% Local Charge, 21% Local Contract)
Three Commissioners from each county serve on the Commission:
One Commissioner is appointed by the County Board.
One is appointed by the Governor.
One Commissioner is appointed by the Governor from a list of names submitted by the County Board.
Buffalo: Daniel Barr; Del Twidt; Mary Ann McMillan Ureil
Crawford:  Gerald Krachey; Ron Leys; Greg Russell
Jackson: Ron Carney; James Christenson; Eugene Savage (Chair)
La Crosse: Vicki Burke (Sec./Treas.) ; James Ehrsam; Tara Johnson
Monroe: Sharon Folcey; James Kuhn; Cedric Schnitzle
Pepin: Norman (Mike) Murray; Bruce Peterson; David Smith
Pierce: Richard Purdy; James Ross; William Schroeder
Trempealeau: Margaret Baecker (Vice Chair); Phillip Borreson; Ernest Vold
Vernon: Nancy Jaekel; James Neubauer; Jo Ann Nickelatti
Authorized Staff: 5
Greg Flogstad, AICP, Director
Peter Fletcher, Transportation Planner
David Bonifas, Community Development Planner
Barb Buros, Administrative Assistant