Southwest RPC
Southwestern Wisconsin
Regional Planning Commission

20 South Court Street
P.O. Box 262
Platteville, WI 53818
Phone: (608) 342-1214
Fax: (608) 342-1220

Counties Served:
Grant, Green, Iowa, Lafayette, Richland

Year Created: 1970

Program and Activity

Economic Development:
The Commission provides assistance to local units of government and economic development organizations, and maintains eligibility for financial assistance from the Economic Development Administration, annually preparing a Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy. The Commission provides assistance in determining possible financing alternatives for business expansion and job creation; supports the creation of small business through entrepreneurial activities such as the establishment of business incubators and counseling programs; and assists in developing financing proposals for business location and expansion. In addition, the Commission promotes the region and provides broad support for local economic collaboration and cooperation.

Community Development:
The Commission provides a range of planning services to local communities, including: preparation of comprehensive development plans and updates; assistance with zoning ordinances and other regulations and codes to guide development, identification of community facility needs; mapping/GIS services; community visioning; preparation of grant applications for financing public projects; assistance with capital improvement planning and budgeting; public recreation plans; tax incremental financing; downtown revitalization; traditional neighborhood design; historic preservation; extra-territorial zoning; outdoor recreation plans; and other community development projects.

Land Use and Environmental Resources:
The Commission provides land use and natural resource information such as streams, watersheds, wetlands, topography, vegetation, and other natural features as well as current land uses, proposed land uses, and zoning. The Commission works with local communities in implementing the farmland preservation plans (Working Lands Initiative) completed for each county in the Region. The Commission also provides assistance in the coordination of land use with plans of other agencies, including: state agencies, county land conservation departments, local zoning administrators, and foresters.

GIS/Web Development:
The Commission provides data, maps, and analysis using its Geographic Information System (GIS) software. Data and maps are available for use by local officials in developing land use plans, market assessment, farmland preservation plans, transportation plans, zoning maps, recreation plans, etc. The Commission can provide communities with detailed analysis that can incorporate a variety of data sources (natural resources, cultural resources, economic, transportation, housing, demographic, jurisdictional, land use, zoning, aerial photography, flood plains, etc.) to inform decision makers and community members. In addition, the Commission has the capability of developing online mapping applications and interactive websites to access and share information.

SWWRPC provides transportation planning services to local governments in the region, coordinating with WisDOT and local communities for corridor studies, highway planning, bypass studies, airport developments, and rail preservation programs. The Commission also conducts functional and jurisdictional highway planning studies for member counties, administers three Rail Transit Commissions in the region to maintain rail service to southern Wisconsin, assists with bike and pedestrian planning, and participates in a variety of local transportation-related organizations and projects to bring higher quality transportation services to our area.

  • Operating Characteristics
  • Commission and Method of Selection
  • Current Commissioners
  • Staff
2014 Operating Budget:
$537,050 (46% Federal, 9% State, 25% Local Levy, 20% Local Contracts)
The Commission is governed by 15 Commissioners.
Three from each member county.
One position is automatically filled by the County Board Chairman.
One Commissioner is appointed outright by the Governor.
One Commissioner is appointed by the Governor from a list of names submitted by the County Board.
Grant: Bob Keeney; Eileen Nickels; Jerry Wehrle
Green: Art Carter (Chair); Mike Doyle; Nathan Klassy
Iowa: John Meyers; Todd Novak; Vacant
Lafayette: Tim McGettigan (Vice Chair); Jeff Reichers; Jack Sauer
Richland Jeanetta Kirkpatrick (Sec./Treas.); Ray Schmitz; Robert Neal Smith
Authorized Staff: 7
Primary Staff Contacts:
Troy Maggied, Executive Director
Ed White, Economic Development Planner
Chris Colney, Assistant Planner
Katherine Burk, Planner/GIS Specialist
Katrina Hecimovic, Associate Planner
Mary Penn, Associate Planner
Savannah Ernzen, Associate Planner