Association of Regional Planning Commissions
The Association of Wisconsin Regional Planning Commissions (AWRPC) is a voluntary association of the nine regional planning commissions in the State of Wisconsin. AWRPC convenes meetings of RPC leaders to exchange information and serves as a clearinghouse for State agency communications and involvement with RPCs.

AWRPC Contact Person: Greg Flogstad, Director, Mississippi River Regional Planning Commission, phone: 608-785-9396, email:

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map Northwest RPC Capital Area RPC West Central RPC Missisippi River RPC North Central RPC Bay Lake RPC Southwestern RPC West Central RPC Mississippi River RPC Southwestern RPC Capital Area RPC Southeastern RPC East Central RPC Bay Lake RPC North Cental RPC Northwest RPC East Central RPC Southeastern RPC Southeastern RPC


Regional Planning in Wisconsin (published by Wisconsin Counties Association, November 2012)

2018 Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission Profile (400 dpi; 24mb)
2018 Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission Profile (200 dpi; 8.4mb)

Wisconsin's Regional Planning Commissions Celebrate 60 Years of Service (reprinted with permission from Wisconsin Counties Association, December 2018)